Zhu Laboratory

Selected Publications

* denotes equal contribution

Zhu Q*, Jiang J*, Gendron TF, McAlonis-Downes M, Jiang L, Taylor A, Diaz Garcia S, Dastidar GS, Rodriguez M, King P, Zhang YJ, Spada A, Xu H, Petrucelli L, Ravits J, Da Cruz S, Lagier-Tourenne C, Cleveland DW. 2020. Reduced C9ORF72 function exacerbates gain-of-toxicity from ALS/FTD-causing repeat expansions in C9orf72. Nat Neurosci 23(5):615–624.

Xiao G, Du J, Wu h, Ge X, Xu X, Yang A, Zhu Y, Hu X, Zheng K, Zhu Q, Qiu M. 2020. Differential inhibition of Sox10 functions by Notch-Hes pathway. Cell Mol Neurobiol 40(4):653–662.

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Zhu Q, Tan Z, Zhao SF, Huang H, Zhao XF, Hu XM, Zhang YP, Shields CB, Uetani N and Qiu M. 2015. Developmental expression and function of protein tyrosine phosphatase receptor type D in oligodendrocyte myelination. Neuroscience 308:106–114.

Zhu Q*, Zhao X*, Zheng K*, Li H, Huang H, Zhang Z, Mastracci T, Wegner M, Chen Y, Sussel L, Qiu M. 2014. Genetic evidence that Nkx2.2 and Pdgfra are major determinants of the timing of oligodendrocyte differentiation in the developing CNS. Development 141(3):548–555.

Zhao X*, Chen Y*, Zhu Q, Huang H, Teng P, Zheng K, Hu X, Xie B, Zhang Z, Sander M, Qiu M. 2014. Control of astrocyte progenitor specification, migration and maturation by Nkx6.1 homeodomain transcription factor. PLoS One 9(10):e109171.

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Zhu Q, Whittemore SR, DeVries WH, Zhao XF, Kuypers NJ, Qiu M. 2011. Dorsally derived oligodendrocytes in the spinal cord contribute to axonal myelination during development and remyelination following focal demyelination. Glia 59(11):1612–1621.

Cai J, Zhu Q, Zheng K, Li H, Cao QL and Qiu M. 2010. Co-localization of Nkx6.2 and Nkx2.2 homeodomain proteins in differentiated myelinating oligodendrocytes. Glia 58(4):458–468.

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